Privacy & Returns Policy

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Returns Policy

Returns, Refunds, & Cancellation Policy:

We as a professional Company suggest you read this Agreement cautiously prior to making any purchase that in case you are not convinced with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement then we suggest that you must not use this Website. We highly respect your privacy of personal information hence we only gather information to accomplish your requests and our legitimate business goals, and we assure you that we will never share your personal information with third parties without your permission.

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Return Policy and cancellation policy:

We advise our customers to check for packaging that has not been broken or damaged prior to accepting the delivery of our products. If you believe that the ordered item is not in good condition, or if the packaging is damaged, please refuse to take the delivery of the package, and call our all-day helpdesk at +91 9004232290 or e-mail us www.mistorepalava.inĀ ( Overseas Education Pathway) mentioning your Sales Invoice. As we cannot accept the product if a Sales Invoice is not provided. We will make our best efforts and ensure that we will replace the product as soon as possible as per the standard process.

Any returned product will be reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team. Any item which shows the signs of damage, altered, will not be accepted for return. And if you return any item which is delivered to you in damaged/defective condition, there will be no extra shipping charges

If you cancel an order that has not been shipped by us, we will cancel your offer and will refund the Product amount mention in the Sales Invoice. The orders that have been shipped by us will not be canceled under any condition.

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