Mi Home Security Camera 360 – All-round protection in Full High-Definition video

For most of us going out of our homes for work, we have either kids or elderly members staying alone at home. Even if there is a caretaker, monitoring the activities is crucial. Moreover, if a newborn is at home, it is quintessential to be aware when they wake up to avoid unwanted incidents. The Mi home security camera solves addresses all the situations mentioned above. It is a highly accurate, precise, and efficient security device with numerous built-in features. The video quality is high definition, leading to clear recordings. Moreover, it comes with a convenient DIY installation, implying one can easily activate it in their residence without any external help.

1080p FHD Picture  – 360°All-round vision – Infrared Night Vision – AI-powered motion detection

The Mi home security camera 360 has a full-view capturing ability, rendering all-around protection for your family. The resolution of the recording is 1080 pixels, providing lucid and bright pictures. Furthermore, the device is embedded with advanced infrared night vision with much more clarity than conventional night vision cameras.

The Mi 360 camera has intelligently designed angles to completely cover the room it is placed in. It allows the user to view 360 degrees horizontal and 96 degrees vertical view. It also covers a full palette of colours, even in low-light conditions. It contrasts traditional security cameras that switch to black and white in lesser illumination.

One can easily connect the Mi wifi camera to their devices and play the recorded videos on their tablet or smartphone with up to 16 times playback speed. Streaming of videos is smooth and highly detailed, though the product saves 50% bandwidth usage.

This Xiaomi CCTV can detect motion through Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. In addition to detecting the motion, the software alerts the users at the right time using deep learning technology. Furthermore, its comprehensive encryption further maintains the user’s privacy through coded data transfer and hibernation settings.

The Mi CCTV camera price is ₹2,999, which is very reasonable considering its numerous features. One may also go ahead with financing options if preferred. This device is a must-have in today’s times to be assured while one is outside the home. So, contact your nearest Mi store today to learn more about this advantageous Mi security camera.