Xiaomi Redmi 10A - Full phone specifications

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company that entered the smartphone market in 2011 by launching its first smartphone. Redmi 10A is the latest member of the Redmi 10 series and is a successor to the Redmi 9A. It is a budget phone for bringing consumers a well-rounded user experience. The Redmi 10A boasts an interesting … read more

Mi Notebook Ultra

Mi Notebook Ultra Review- The Ideal laptop for students and working professionals

Xiaomi finally brought a high-end laptop to the Indian market with the Mi Notebook Ultra. Its performance is powered by an 11 th Gen Intel Core chipset and comes with 512GB NVMe SSD storage. Its chipset is an i7-11370H with over four cores that can provide a performance of 4.80 GHz. This means your laptop … read more


Bestselling MI TVs in India – Buyer’s Guide

With the advancing technologies over the last two decades, televisions are becoming better and more innovative. Gone are when televisions were used to be a big picture box. Today televisions are thin, compact, and occupy minimal space. However, before you make a long- term investment, and purchase a television for your household, know about some … read more

Mi QLED 4K TV: Offers a Definitive 4K Experience

In Asia, Xiaomi has built its market base by offering budget electronics at affordable prices. But the Mi QLED 4K TV is different. The company does offer this TV at a competitive price, but there is a clear emphasis on high-end quality this time. Build Its build isn’t flimsy. You can feel the weight of … read more