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In Asia, Xiaomi has built its market base by offering budget electronics at affordable prices. But the Mi QLED 4K TV is different.
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The company does offer this TV at a competitive price, but there is a clear emphasis on high-end quality this time.


Its build isn’t flimsy. You can feel the weight of the metal frame. Its LED display is powered by Quantum-dot technology. This feat of applied engineering is what gives this TV its 4K picture clarity, all within a slim profile.

Mi has also included a metal stand. This is a plus for any customer who wants a secure stand for their 4K TV.  But you still need to buy a wall-mount if you plan to fit it on the wall.

mi tv


Along with your standard AV, optical and 3.5mm ports. The TV has three HDMI ports, the benefit of this is that you don’t need to swap cables between your laptop, set top box and gaming console. You can have all three of them connected.

An interesting design choice that pays off is the position of the two USB ports. We all know how difficult it gets to connect two devices or USB wires on a dual USB port. Xiaomi has put each USB port in a corner. This makes the connections quite accessible from the sides even if the TV is wall-mounted.

Mira cast comes pre-installed, so you can choose to cast your phone on the TV and watch your favourite shows. It also supports Bluetooth so you can connect your wireless headphones and watch shows or play games without disturbing your family.

Picture Quality and Performance

It has a Mediatek quad-core processor with a 64 bit-rate of computing power. The result is a superior picture quality at 60FPS with a low 5ms input lag reduced further by the Automatic Low Latency Mode. These features ensure a consistent 4K experience when you are watching shows or playing video games.

The boost in fidelity is most noticeable in its vivid colour range. Though there is a slight bias towards red tints, it can be calibrated to produce the most natural colours using cinema mode.

It also has an MEFC feature that automatically upscales low-resolution channels for 4K 60 FPS viewing. This makes it ideal for gaming, watching sports or channels that don’t support 4K.

mi tv

Audio Quality

Sound is often the first casualty in any media device sold at competitive margins. But that’s not the case with this TV. Its 6-speaker setup combined with a dedicated optical audio processing software provides an immersive sound experience.  Would it sound even better with a high-end soundbar? Yes. But the in-built speakers provide a good experience.


For the price point, Xiaomi has offered a good QLED TV that’s packed with a lot of features out of the box.

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