Xiaomi Mi Band
Apart from smartphones and tablets, the popular smartphone brand Xiaomi 2014 introduced MI smart bands. Xiaomi’s MI bands are wearable activity trackers. The design of the Mi bands resembles a bracelet, and people can wear them on either hand. You can set the location of the bands via the official Mi Band application, popular as Mi Fit. However, the same application was later named Mi Health and Zepp Life. The band contains the core tracker with a thickness and length of 9 mm and 36 mm, respectively. You will find the trackers inserted into a TPSW wristband.

The best part of the wristband is that it is hypoallergenic and comes with anti-UV and anti-microbial properties. A charger module contains the tracker that the users can connect with a 5.0 V external power
source called Xiaomi Fit. MI band 3, Mi band 4, Mi band 5, Mi band 6, and Mi smart band 5 are some of the popular models of Mi bands. All the Mi bands come with the following features:

Fitness monitor and sleep tracker
Sleep cycle smart alarm
14-day standby mode
Unlocks Android without a password
Vibrate alerts for call and notification

When Xiaomi first launched its MI bands, the only way to use them was Xiaomi’s Mi Fit application. However, you can use the Mi bands through third-party software, such as gadgetbridge.